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As you can understand we receive comments here on the blog. And most of them are really good. Some good enough to trigger thoughts and scribble down even better posts. This comment does exactly that. Someone just wrote asking for our opinon on the expressed dogmatic dynamics in the rawfood or health world (1). This commenter likes us, but could not take Dr Cousens and asks why we often lean on his work (2).

We read and appreciate all comments, but we usually don’t have time to respond to small questions or comments, so google it or book a consultation. But when this caliber of a question drops in, we are happy to spend some quality time to provide our view.

Här är frågan, och jag svarar på engelska för att jag flowar bättre plus att detta är något som vi gärna står för internationellt.
Jag älskar er blogg. MEN. På grund av att jag gör just det, så hoppas jag att ni kan tänka er att besvara min fråga. Ibland känns det som att ni använder Cousens som huvudsaklig källa. Det är verkligen inte meningen att låta cynisk, snarare är jag ute efter er syn på saken. Rawfoodismen har visat sig ha sektliknande tendenser, ni kanske har sett denna video som handlar om dr Grahams vansinniga hantering av en utav sina elever som nästan dog på hans faste-plan. Ni kanske även har sett denna video där “Freelee” och durianrider delger hur de blivit utestängda av framstående rawfoodists som till exempel Graham och “DTM” Life Regenerator samt “fullyraw” Kristina. I mina ögon är det på ett sätt fullkomligt absurt(dogmatism inom energikonsumtion?!), och på ett annat sätt fullkomligt logiskt(folk är sjukare än någonsin =hälsa blir en slags religion). Jag avskyr smutskastningen som sker inom rawfood-kretsar,( men jag hoppas inte att ni ser denna kommentar som en anledning att delta i smutskastningen!) Jag vet att en personligt vald guru kan bli höjd till skyarna när han/hon ger en det som man behöver höra, och det är här min fråga ligger, varför har just Cousens vunnit ert hjärta? Jag klarar inte av honom, köper inte hans budskap eller hans retorik. Jag upplever honom som en karriärist som bryr sig mer om sitt eget namns storhet än om att ta reda på sanning och sprida ett budskap som han innerligt tror på. Er två gillar jag, och det är därför jag frågar. Jag menar inte att kritisera, utan jag vill gärna att ni utvecklar, för säkerligen har ni också stött på dogmatism inom hälsokretsar.
For me, it’s straight forward and simple.
Why do I chose Cousens and his teachings (2)?
Dr Cousens is for me, almost the only one when it comes to health. And by health I mean Holistic Health. That is actually the simple yet profound distinction that separates him from most of the rest. Some people are sitting on admirable teachings in some arenas, others in different arenas. I say it again, Dr Cousens is the most serious teacher when it comes to Holistic health. That does not mean I have other people I get inspired by. If you pick a person, or set of people, that you draw your inspiration from, make sure they are getting or aiming for the same results you are after.
So why is Cousens so good?
He sits and has incorporated information on holistic health for half a century; 50 years. That is more years than most of have lived. He is the founder of one of the worlds most successful healing centers, the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. The coverage of his information is broader than anyone I have ever seen, with my meager 20 years of health experience. He has profound education and experience in the complete set of human bodies; physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. Below is a summary of some of the points that resonate with me, if you want Dr. Cousens full biography I refer to his extensive biography found here.
On the physical plane Cousens is a Medical Doctor, which gives a solid ground in both the mechanistic view of humans and the dynamics of todays failing healthcare system. He was an undefeated quarterback in college american football and he is a devoted yogi since probably 45 years. He has experienced a 40 day fast. A more physically aware person you have to look for.
On the psychological plane he is a constant researcher going through the newest relevant scientific reports, always expanding his horizons of his understandings. He, for example, slightly shifted his previous orthodox view on coffee and wine since lots of research has proven some increase in cognition, depression and cardiovascular health.
He did his doctors residency in psychiatry and family therapy, bringing in such good results to his project that the psychiatric hospital almost didn’t want him there. He has lived in an ashram in India for several years, has broken the mental barriers of the ego, and lives a life with meditation at the core.
He incorporates Ayurvedic principles, chinese herbal medicine, individual oxidative tendencies and does in-house medical tests on all his work. Pretty solid if you ask me.
On the spiritual plane he has “fully” grasped the tremendously profound aspect of divinity. Almost impossible, but he completes the circle by bringing in the ancient teachings of the Essenes, a pre-judeo group of people in which our famous man Jesus was brought up into, before religion became religion, just shamanic connection with the natural living forces. He is also a Rabbi and has extensive knowledge in the mysticism of the Torah and Kabbalah.
He is a sun dancer and highly connected to the native americans and has helped them with their outrageous diabetic situation.
I also happen to study a Masters in Spiritual Nutrition for Cousens School of Holistic Wellness and am very well aware into the extensive book list we have to go through in order to get somewhat of a grip of what holistic health is all about. To my knowledge, no other program like this exist.
When it comes to the question of the dogmatic dynamics in the health/rawfood world (1), I must say I maintain a fair distance to any drama. The commenter seemed to know “beaf” between different people, like Fully Raw Kristina, and Dr Graham.
Rawfood with heavy fruit consumption I am strongly opposed to, as it is neither optimal for health nor even close to a sustainable approach to any global food shortages. 
If you do chose an own “guru”, closing in on every thing they say, it is still your responsibility to make sure you are in the driver seat of your own health.
I follow Cousens because he delivers the results that I am after.
When it comes to results there is a strong recommendation to ONLY listen to a person who achieves the results you are after.
For example, here in the family we haven’t been sick once in the last few years, I do physical exercise every day, and am fitter than when I was a pro track athlete, give my woman at least 1,5h massage per day and play inspirationally and tirelessly with my son.
That’s that, Bless!

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  1. Quote: “give my woman at least 1,5h massage per day and play inspirationally”

    Min sambo kommer och berättar detta för mej, INTE lätt att leva upp till! 😉

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